Wearing Leggings

5 Ways to Wear Leather Leggings

Regardless of what your style is, anyone can wear leather leggings as they have the ability to give a little edge to your look. Leggings – especially faux leather leggings – are comfortable, stylish and flattering and depending on your line of work, can be worn almost every day. Still, you must remember that they are leggings not pants and that everything you wear with them should at least cover the necessary areas.

Besides, you can easily accessorize your faux leather leggings with most of the clothes that you have in your closet. As such, if you have any leather leggings sitting idly in your closet, it may be time to bring them out as we tell you in simple ways how to wear them.

#1 – Wear your leather leggings with a tunic-length sweater

As mentioned earlier, leggings are not pants, and it’s therefore important that they cover certain areas. How well can you do this than pair your leggings with a tunic-length sweater and maybe adding a scarf to the look? You can finish your look by wearing either heels, sneakers or wedges. Just make sure that before you leave the house, you are happy with your overall look.

#2 – Pair them up with a blazer

Most workplaces these days aren’t too strict on dress codes more so startups. Wearing your leather leggings and pairing them up with a blazer is a great way of dressing up on a Friday especially when you have to catch up with friends after work. A faux leather legging paired with a long shirt or sweater and an oversized blazer is a sure way of pulling out a business-casual look. Finish the look with a pair of flats or loafers, and you are ready for the weekend – or any other day for those lucky to have a workplace that allows them to dress casually.

#3 – Over the knee boots

Now, another great challenge for most people who wear leggings is the kind of shoe they can wear it with. Ideally, this shouldn’t be a challenge as different type of shoes can go well with your leggings. Our personal favorite, nonetheless, has got to be over the knee boots especially when you have a date night with the girls or family. That paired with a tunic sweater and a scarf, especially during a cold or chilly evening, is our all-time favorite look.

#4 – Rock them with a long vest and shirt

Who said long shirts can’t be worn with leather leggings? Layering is one of the best ways that you can get yourself to look chic especially when wearing your faux leather leggings. Simply do this by wearing a classic shirt with a good length and add a vest to it. You can finish the look with ankle length boots.  TCVB Fashion has a lot of options for this.

#5 – Pair it up with a long cardigan

Most people never leave their houses without a sweater or cardigan. How best to pull out a great look by wearing your leather leggings with one? The best part is you can wear a sleeveless top inside and throw a cardigan on top to give you that comfy and warm look.